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PLAN 370 Study Guide Bryson, Chapter 10, Reassessing and Revising Strategies and Plans Purpose The purpose of this step is to provide feedback about the strategies and the strategic planning system in place over time. The environment of any organization is constantly changing such that each solution (read strategy) has a “shelf-life.” The purpose of this phase in the Strategy Change Cycle therefore is to review implemented policies, strategies, plans, programs, or projects to see how they are doing – to make sure the organization continues to meet stakeholder expectations. Desired Outcomes An organization would want to know which strategies should be maintained, which modified through appropriate reform or revision, and which eliminated. More and more another desired outcome is the development of a strategic management system to ensure ongoing effective strategic management of the
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Unformatted text preview: organization. Benefits The assurance that organizational strategies remain responsive to important issues in the environment. The resolution of difficulties encountered in implementation. The pruning of areas that may be overcrowded with bits and pieces of assorted strategies. The development of an effective strategic management system. Building a Strategic Management System Strategic management systems are ongoing organizational mechanisms or arrangements for strategically managing the implementation of agreed-upon strategies, assessing the performance of those strategies, and formulating new or revised strategies. In other words, systems to manage the continuing struggle to maintain an appropriate fit between the organization and its environment....
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