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Statistics Lecture 9 Quiz 2 will cover mostly correlation and regression-only definitional for hypothesis testing…what is null hypothesis. How do you know if you have practical vs. statistical significance. What is type I and type II errors. Look online there are all the definitions. 1. type I is statistical significance but beta (type II) is practical significance?? Why? Look this up 2. minimum effect of interest-the distance between the mean of the null hypothesis and the hypothesized mean of your research hypothesis. How different you want those groups to be. a. As this value gets smaller, the two distributions will merge together b. MEI-smallest effect size that you deem important i. Correlation is an effect size! Measures directionality and magnitude. ...magnitude is an effect size. c. This is before we have collected data-it is how we set up the experiment. In order to say this relationship will be practically significant it must be this value d.
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