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lecture 5 - 8 outliers will overestimate r 9 if someone has...

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Statistics Lecture 5 1. quiz-a little on correlation, not expected to calculate it but will need to know its limitations and advantages and how to interpret it 2. z scores are populations but correlation deals with samples, how things relate to each other 3. two variables that are ratio or interval and dependent in nature will suggest to use a correlation design 4. pearson’s r a. magnitude-strength-how closely related are the two variables? Closer to absolute value of 1 is strong b. direction-negative or positive value 5. r 2 = this percentage is due to that relationship 6. r is only for linear relationships 7. restricted range in the x axis will underestimate the value of r
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Unformatted text preview: 8. outliers will overestimate r 9. if someone has an optimistic attitude it will make them more likely to develop good health a. if someone is in good health they are more likely to have an optimistic mood b. we are not saying one causes the other c. there are also third variables i. education, money, genetics, influence good health 10. illusory correlation a. the more attractive you are, the less intelligent you are b. see slide for more c. biased, based on expectations 11. regression is prediction 12. since r is not one there will be some error in the regression line, as r increases closer to 1 there is less error...
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