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Genetics-Fall07(10-23-2007) - h/wk 8 is Ch.9(there's 3...

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h/wk 8 is Ch.9 (there’s 3 lectures on bacterial genetics) -3 ways that microbes trade DNA (the rules of recombination come into play with each way) (what ab them?) -Microbes are important for us in the gut, they keep inflammation down, etc. -a lot of microbes in our gut can’t be cultured 1) DNA transformation cell dies, lysis, open, DNA free to roam around and can recombine into another cell’s chromosomes (doesn’t happen often) homologous recombination? 2) conjugation self replicating circular DNA (plasmids) ( F plasmid ) if the invading DNA has homology with the recipient’s DNA it can recombine into it 3) transduction bacteriophage invades cell- replicates its DNA sometimes some of the host cell’s DNA gets in the head virus leaves and host DNA spread to the next cell invaded-Every virus has a limit to the amnt of DNA it can package in its head Pili Mobilization and transfer genes come in blocks (1 st things transferred in)
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