Genetics-Fall07(11-1-2007) - Gene regulation: Turning...

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Gene regulation: Turning transcription on and off specifically cell differentiation turning genes on and off happens specifically, in response to environmental stimuli (lac operon), w/ respect to DNA that encodes the gene needs to extent beyond the bases that encode the protein (translational start codon- AUG-), transcriptional start site (almost never the same as the translational start site) (is always 5’ of or upstream of the translational start site), translational and transcriptional stop sites example a point mutation between the transcription and translational start site MIGHT alter the protein (alter the message stability, how its transported around the cell) but wont alter the sequence per say of the protein open reading frame encodes proteins mRNA that codes is also a part of the gene Ex. mutations in DNA at point of mRNA 3’ creation could lead to protein mutation elements of DNA where the proteins bind that actually regulate transcription (RNA polyermase binding to lac promoter) binding of transcription factors (promoters?) the main point of Tuesdays lecture is that the “gene” includes more than just the region that encodes for the protein!!! Turn gene on and off
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Genetics-Fall07(11-1-2007) - Gene regulation: Turning...

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