Genetics-Fall07(11-27-2007) - Genomic and cDNA sequencing...

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Genomic and cDNA sequencing helps u find intron-exon sequence, cDNA sequence, and proteins Know about dideoxy sequencing techniques The cost of sequencing is being revolutionized by these new methods We need computational tools to assemble the short pieces and overlapping stuff to piece together an entire genome Microbial diversity in the environment is enormous (learning this by just taking random soil samples find new organisms all the time in the soil) Why’s it important? Discovery of new drugs and learning about multi-species interactions and how to study gene expression all at once (DNA based hybridization) Finding open reading frames: compare cDNA to the genome sequence they start w/ ATG and end w/ a stop codon thus u can determine the protein sequence, etc. then u do homology testing to see if ne other organism, for which the deduced protein sequence is known, produces the same protein to help determine the function of that protein (a great portion are genes w/ unknown functions thus, we’re always discovering new proteins thus, there is huge diversity in the proteins organisms make (specifically microbes) Chromosome inversions can create deletions, non-disjunction, etc. Genomes are mosaics of internal rearrangements (inversions and duplications)
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Genetics-Fall07(11-27-2007) - Genomic and cDNA sequencing...

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