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case4 answers - Department may be phased out Lynne Handled...

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1. I would use the criteria of productivity to select the three to terminate because if a person is not producing numbers for the company they should be looked at for termination no matter how long they have been at the company. We are running a business here and sales are important to keep the business running. 2. Pros Cons Louis: experienced May retire soon as children are out of college High sales Known throughout the trade Frank: Honest Lacks technological knowledge Charles: Good trainer to others May retire soon to Rose Garden Good education Marie: Produced well for the company Oldest at company
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Unformatted text preview: Department may be phased out Lynne: Handled most assignments well Trouble in current position Sales lagging as she may have no more drive Richard: Made up time missed Late to work on more than one occasion Business was plagued with low birth rate 3. I would choose to remove Richard because he is often late and his area of business depends on the birth rate which is very wishy washy, Marie because her department has been phased out in many of the divisions, and Lynne because her sales have been lagging and is having trouble with the position she is in right now....
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