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Archaeology - Study Guide for Mid-term

Archaeology - Study Guide for Mid-term - Pincevent o Paris...

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Pincevent o Paris Basin o 12600-12000 BC Andre Leroi-Gourrhan between 1964-85 o Half a thousand years with 20 layers o Anthracology (study of wood) helps to reconstruct the environment It was lightly wodded by scotch fir, poplars and willows o “Wall Effect” with bones around the fireplaces Negative imprint o Ethnological Excavation: refit discoveries in an open area dig to give the precise picture of the human activities during the time period o 90% of bones found were of reindeer Reindeer migratory animals – specialized hunting Lived at Pincevent the end of may to the beginning of October Seasonality o 90% of the flint stones were refitted in which there were three categories 1. Domestic Production Used only by this group – considered to be made by female 2. Redistribution Beautiful blades considered to be made by males 3. Training and/or learning area For children o Lewis Binford Said a “drop zone” around the men and two “toss zones” behind the men and in front of the men around a hearth Leroi Gourrhan said hearth inside and Binford applied “outside hearth model” Laussel Venus o Southern France; Limestone o Part of the Venus Phenomenon with the Wildendolf and Brassempouy Venuses; Part of the Gravettian period (27000-20000BC) o The thing in her hand could be a moon, a cornucopia or a horn There was a lunar calendar found on the site that depicted the different stages of the moon over a month which could indicate
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