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Chapter 9 Questions 1.Why is maintenance so important?
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2.What are some of the key issues a manager needs to examine when implementing a facility maintenance program?
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Unformatted text preview:analysis if funds are cut. Next, for staffing the manager will look at hiring employees with technical competencies, training workers to accomplish tasks and improve skills, and creating clear lines of responsibility and authority. Fourth, they move to supervising which includes providing leadership, managing the work flow, ensuring accountability, and providing rapid responses to crises. Finally, the manager will look at evaluating and this last section includes evaluating prerepair and post repair condition for quality, evaluating customer tenant feedback, and evaluating employee performance. 3. What area of a facility is vital to maintain and keep clean at all times? (Hint: In a survey, 91% of users indicated they would view a business negatively if this area was not maintained.) In a 2011 survey if 1,053 restroom users, 91% indicated that they would perceive a business negatively if the bathrooms were not properly maintained. If bathrooms are not kept clean, then people are less likely to return. An unclean facility can lead to mold, pests, and many other things that are difficult to clean and get rid of. Bathrooms are usually one of the dirtiest places in a facility, and by keeping that area clean, people will more likely see the facility as a whole as cleaner.