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problem set 3 - number is a number 4 A CD is a...

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6.3.1 1. make-movie, movie-title, movie-producer Movie (make-movie) 2. make-boyfriend, boyfriend-name, boyfriend-hair, boyfriend-eyes, boyfriend-phone Boyfriend (make-boyfriend) Name (boyfriend- name) Hair (boyfriend- hair) Eyes (boyfriend- eyes) Phone (boyfriend- phone) 3. make-cheerleader, cheerleader-name, cheerleader-number Cheerleader (make-cheerleader) 4. make-CD, CD-artist, CD-title, CD-price CD (make-CD) 5. make-sweater, sweater-material, sweater-size, sweater- producer Sweater (make-sweater) Sweater (sweater- material) Size (sweater-size) Producer (sweater- producer) Title (movie- title) Producer (movie-producer) Name (cheerleader- name) Number (cheerleader- number) Artist (CD-artist) Title (CD-title) Price (CD-price)
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6.4.1 1. A movie is a structure: (make-movie title producer) where title and producer are strings. 2. A boyfriend is a structure: (make-boyfriend name hair eyes phone) where name is a string, hair and eyes are symbols and phone is a number. 3. A cheerleader is a structure: (make-cheerleader name number) where name is a string and
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Unformatted text preview: number is a number 4. A CD is a structure: (make-CD artist title price) where artist and title are strings and price is a number. 5. A sweater is a structure: (make-sweater material size producer) where material and size are symbols and producer is a string. 6.5.1 1. (define (process-movie a-movie) …(movie-title a-movie)… …(movie-producer a-movie)…) 2. (define (process-boyfriend a-boyfriend) …(boyfriend-name a-boyfriend)… …(boyfriend-hair a-boyfriend)… …(boyfriend-eyes a-boyfriend)… …(boyfriend-number a-boyfriend)…) 3. (define (process-cheerleader a-cheerleader) …(cheerleader-name a-cheerleader)… …(cheerleader-number a-cheerleader)…) 4. (define (process-CD a-CD) …(CD-artist a-CD)… …(CD-title a-CD)… …(CD-price a-CD)…) 5. (define (process-sweater a-sweater) …(sweater-material a-sweater)… …(sweater-size a-sweater)… …(sweater-producer a-sweater)…)...
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problem set 3 - number is a number 4 A CD is a...

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