2-10-08 Argentina's Transition to Democracy

2-10-08 Argentina's Transition to Democracy - the U.S....

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Skidmore and Smith PP 101-108 Transition to Democracy Problems with Alfonsin’s regime o Commitment to prosecute the military personnel responsible for los desaparecidos—Argentina would be the first country to try its own military for domestic crimes o Economy—inflation had reached 400%; struggle for income among competing classes and sectors o Finding a viable political base Menem wins 1989 popular vote for Peronists o Economic crisis intensified o Embarked on a program to privatize state-owned companies by selling them off to private investors o Convertibility law—restricted public expenditures to revenues and established a one-to-one exchange rate between the Argentine peso and
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Unformatted text preview: the U.S. dollar o Overvaluation of peso leads to trade deficit o MERCOSURCommon Market of the SouthArgentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay Creation of a free trade zone that would eventually evolve into a full-fledged common market o Unemployment and high living costs De la Rua wins election against Menem after 2 nd term o Economy falls into deepest decline since 1930s o Drop in Argentinas trade in MERCOSUR o IMF grew disenchanted with Argentinas swelling public sector deficits Since then o Modest recovery...
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2-10-08 Argentina's Transition to Democracy - the U.S....

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