2-6-08 Garden of the Forking Paths

2-6-08 Garden of the Forking Paths - AMERICAS The Garden of...

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AMERICAS The Garden of the Forking Paths 1990s find Americas in a critical moment in their history Many have rejoined the democratic world Enduring worst economic conditions ever As long as there are illiterates and minimum wage of 50 dollars per month, people dying on the streets, military death squads, drugs, guerrillas, there can be no progress or speak of democracy Which paths will the Americas take? Closest neighbors, allies, trading partners; their choices will change our lives and we are connected in another way—in the next decade people will become the largest minority in the US from Latin America; impact has already been tremendous challenging our most fundamental ideas about America Melting Pot is a dangerous place, you don’t bubble up to the surface, you just become sludge at the bottom Fight for rights 33 nations, ½ billion people and all of them as much Americans as we are A world where time behaves oddly, at crucial moments time divides into separate branches all possible outcomes occur; the best and the worst of all possible worlds exists side by side in the garden of forking paths Carlos Menin is president of Argentina, began as one of the world’s richest nations, thinking of itself as different from the rest of Latin American; by the time he was elected president in 1989 self-image had to be revised because they faced political instability, crippling inflation, and painful scars from a military regime; Menin announced that the peso and Argentina would once again be strong, but national pride must be based on a shared sense of national identity, and in Argentina there is a long sense of conflict over what and who defines the nation Across LA nationality has been forged out of diversity; Argentina has relatively few Indian and African roots; here diversity stems from millions of immigrants mostly from Europe around the turn of the century; similar to U.S.
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In Buenos Aires, early immigrants saw wealth and promise that drew millions; Menin tried to revise this image seizing on historic events in Europe he offered to receive up to 300,000 newcomers from the former Soviet countries Tango is a reminder that not all the immigrants found the fortune they were seeking; for them the tango created in the Buenos Aires melting pot was more than dance, song of disappointment and broken dreams By WWI tang had broken out of the slums and brothels of BA to become a worldwide dance
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2-6-08 Garden of the Forking Paths - AMERICAS The Garden of...

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