2-8-08 SECTION Political Regimes

2-8-08 SECTION Political Regimes - 2-8-2008 Political...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-8-2008 Political Regimes in Latin America Types of Latin American Regimes Populism Bureaucratic-Authoritarianism Restricted democracy Democracy w/adjectives/delegative democracy Present-day democracy What is authoritarianism? Populism: o o multi-class alliances that prevented the political participation of non-alliances classes through varying degrees of exclusion and repression Interests of multiple classes who were in conflict (i.e. workers AND industrialists) that required powerful and charismatic leader to hold the alliance together Bureaucratic-Authoritarianism: o o o o Granting public office to bureaucrats Political and economic exclusion of the working class, control of popular sector Reduction of political activity, especially early during regime consolidation, technocratic rather than political solutions Stimulated economic growth through ties back into the economic world-system, mostly alliances between leaders and MNCs (multinational corporations) What is democracy? Restricted democracy and Delegative democracy o o o o Limited franchise (literacy requirements, etc.) Limited civilian control of military Limited political party involvement/allowance Limited civil/individual rights o Focus on charismatic or "strong" leaders rather than identifiable political programs or policies Present-day democracy o Weak political institutions such as the legislature, the courts, and regulatory agencies o Strong presidents, weak militaries with cut funding, weak courts systems, etc. "Illiberal" or incomplete democracy that combines elections and electoral competition with government constraints on personal freedoms and rights (i.e. limited citizen rights) Where is democracy going in Latin America??? ...
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2-8-08 SECTION Political Regimes - 2-8-2008 Political...

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