1-30-08 Types of Political Regimes

1-30-08 Types of Political Regimes -...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-30-2008GoalsUnderstand different types of political regimesUnderstand relationship between economic and political changeUnderstand economic and political phases in Latin AmericaEconomic and Political Phases1830-1930oExport-import growthoDictatorship, oligarchic/restricted democracy (RD)1930-1960soISIoPopulism, authoritarianism regime, restricted democracy1960s-1982oStagnation of ISI; deepeningoBureaucratic-authoritarian regime1982-presentoDebt crisis, in part recoveryoFragile, electoral democracyNote of CautionThese are broad patterns that apply mostly to advanced countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay)Many exceptions, e.g. Mexico, for specific historical reasonsAndean countries and Central America later and weaker ISI thrust; longer history of oligarchic/military ruleTypes of Political RegimesAuthoritarian regime, dictatorship, oligarchic regimePopulist authoritarian regimeoMostly authoritarian, sometimes initially democratic, i.e. elected populist leader turning authoritarian (e.g. Peron in Argentina, Fujimori in Peru)oDirect appeal of leader to masses; bypassing of mediating institutions...
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1-30-08 Types of Political Regimes -...

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