3-5-08 Chilean Women movie

3-5-08 Chilean Women movie - 3-5-2008As women in the...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-5-2008As women in the Americas have shaped new lives with their own hands they have changed their families, their communities, and their countries.Throughout Latin America, tradition teaches women that marriage is their dream and caring for children at home is their natural domain. Caring for the family is still central to womens lives.For poor women, tradition is tempered by need. In the late 1960s political ferment shook most of the world; poor people in Chile mobilized for dramatic changes. In 1970 left wing parties and labor unions formed a coalition called Popular Unity; they backed Allende who promised radical social and economic reforms. He was a Sot. Allende won by a narrow margin. Parliament remained firmly in the control of conservative opposition parties. When Allende became president, Chileans thought they would rebuild a new and just society with a new man, and no one spoke of a new woman. Dreams were flourishing and everybody dreamed. President Allende called for a Chilean road to som; inspired poor people to take over factories and farms.Female political activists thought they would achieve goals through Som but they were quite nave. Only a small minority of women were treated as equals to men. Most did domestic duties within the party. Strikes and street demonstrations became daily events, men and women from all walks of life were drawn in to the conflict.Marches of the Pots had a profound effect; image of well-to-do women protesting in the streets helped to strengthen the conservative opposition; it was new and startling. The women went out to demand an end to the Marxist government; they wanted freedom for their kids. Women played an important role in changing the direction of society; their participation has been like that of a Greek chorus, which appears and disappears; in profound crises women act with great strength and conviction, motivated by fundamental concerns such as protection, security, and the need to provide the family with food and a good future....
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3-5-08 Chilean Women movie - 3-5-2008As women in the...

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