Miami-Havana movie

Miami-Havana movie - 3-24-2008Miami HavanaCubans can travel...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-24-2008Miami HavanaCubans can travel to the United States to visit families but there are all sorts of problems and impediments for attaining visas and transportation; not everyone is able to travel because the numbers are limited and there are families who have been divided during these 30 years and in many cases have not seen one another. There exists such a tension between the United States and Cuba. Relations should be more open so that the differences between the two countries would not affect the people, neither the American nor the Cuban people.Here you can buy everything, but if you have no money, life is just as hard. Its not worth leaving your children. Theyre the most important thing in your life.Almost 1 in every 10 Cubans lives in the United States, and most live in Miami. Those who immigrated to the United States find it extremely difficult to return due to Cubas strict policies. The 1961 invasion of the Bay of Pigs was an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the revolution; armed groups in Miami continued to prepare for an attack on Cuba. For families on both sides of the Florida straits, the political conflict has separated them.Cubans now are very sensible moderate people. You dont have extremes. But what you have in Miami is a very extreme ultra-right group who want no kind of improvement in relations between the two countries and they arent even willing to accept the idea that there are those who believe that the best way to bring about positive change is through constructive engagement between the two countries. Nationalism is dead, now more than ever.I think its a mistake to conclude that because the Communist governments of Eastern Europe have fallen that Castro will be next. He would still win with elections. He still has the support of the majority. He still has the support of the majority....
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Miami-Havana movie - 3-24-2008Miami HavanaCubans can travel...

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