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1-29-08 More on Divorce

1-29-08 More on Divorce - Divorce continued Causes of...

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1-29-08 Divorce, continued Causes of Divorce: Social Culture o Goal: individual self-fulfillment o Higher expectation, acceptability of divorce No-fault divorce laws o Surge in 1970s o Maybe effect, not cause Women’s employment o Increases odds of divorce o But mostly increasing exit from bad marriages o Note education differences Men’s employment o Unemployment increases marriage stress Causes of Divorce: Individual Income, employment problems Age at marriage o ½ of teen marriages divorce, 1/3 in late 20s Race o African Americans have highest rates o Poverty, education accounts for some differences o Separation less likely to lead to divorce Lower odds of remarrying Cohabitation
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o Less divorce? Trial weeds out bad marriage o More divorce? Reflects weaker commitment to institution of marriage Ideology (e.g. religiosity) Parental divorce o Lessons learned, traumas, genetics?
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