1-29-08 Sociological Tools

1-29-08 Sociological Tools - 1-29-08 Life Course...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-29-08 Life Course Perspective How changes in individual lives are related to historical events Focus on life milestones and timing o Birth, education, marriage, childbearing, etc. Example: o o Professor Cohen is 40 years old Life Course says: Professor Cohen is part of the cohort who were in junior high for Thriller Sociological Tools Objectivity: an ideal for social science o Conclusion unaffected by researcher's own beliefs Scientific method requires hypotheses o Speculative statement about the relationship between two or more variables Experiments usually aren't possible Survey: people selected, usually at random, with a fixed set of questions o Includes: o Census and related surveys Time-use surveys, with time diaries Longitudinal surveys: interviews conducted at intervals over time Linking to administrative date (e.g. employment) Best: large studies for public use, by academic researchers with public oversight Observational study: researchers directly observe behavior in its normal setting In-depth interview study: researchers ask detailed questions of targeted respondents Both are smaller scale, non-random samples, data are not widely available o o More depth, less breadth than national surveys Best: influenced by surveys, inform surveys ...
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This note was uploaded on 03/26/2008 for the course SOCI 130 taught by Professor Cohen during the Spring '08 term at UNC.

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1-29-08 Sociological Tools - 1-29-08 Life Course...

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