3-3-08 Chile II

3-3-08 Chile II - 3-3-2008Chile, continued1970-1973...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-3-2008Chile, continued1970-1973 [continued]Intense opposition; business, political right, and USBlocking aid/loans from international banksMaking the economy screamStrategy = make economy screamerode popular support of governmentgain 2/3 majority in Congress in 1973 elections to impeach AllendeEconomic sabotage; scare tactics and Communist smear campaigns by mediaResults: inflationineffective attempts at price controlsshortages and black marketsincreasingly open confrontationsElectoral strategy failedresort to military strategy, i.e. civilian elites actively encouraging military to interveneUnder Prats as commander-in-chief of army and minister of defense, military remaining constitutionalistAugust 1973 Prats pressured to resignfollowed by PinochetPlans for coup advancing rapidly, September 11, 1973, military overthrows AllendeChile: A Model DemocracyPast and PresentChile had a comparatively long history of stable (restricted) democratic rule, but...
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3-3-08 Chile II - 3-3-2008Chile, continued1970-1973...

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