2-28-08 Gender Differences

2-28-08 Gender Differences - 2-28-2008Gender and...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-28-2008Gender and FamiliesGender and FamiliesWhy families?o1. Identity constructiono2. Inequality experienceBiological: sexFemaleMaleDetermined at birthoReproductive organsoBody type, hormones, etc.Binary by social definitionoAbout 2% deviation from the ideal male or femaleo.1% or .2% have surgerySocial: genderWomanManSocially determinedVariable across time/placeoDivision of laboroFamily/reproductionoExceptions make the rulesMen (almost) always dominateBiology and Social ConstructionSociobiology/evolutionary psychologyReproduction imperativeoInstinctive goal is genetic successoOffspring survive to reproductive ageExplaining of Gender DifferencesMen inseminateoTastes evolved for:Recreational sexLust without attachmentoBehavior geared to maximizing offspringWomen incubateoFrom pregnancy, breastfeeding needsoTaste for:Relationship-based intimacySophisticated sexual and emotional skillsE.G. HypergamyFemale preference...
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2-28-08 Gender Differences - 2-28-2008Gender and...

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