2-5-08 Deindustrialization

2-5-08 Deindustrialization -...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-5-08DeindustrializationWilliam Julius WilsonoThe Truly Disadvantaged (1987)oWhen Work Disappears (1996)Flight of industrial manufacturingoFrom the Midwest and Northeast, to the South, West, and other countriesGrowth of service sector jobsWilsons TheoryJoblessness is the leading causeEnhanced by snowball effectsoTax base shrinksoSchools and other infrastructure crumblesoCommunity organizations weakenStronger effect of concentrated povertyoWeak personal networksoNeighborhood image, self-imageoWorse to be poor in a poor placeFamily EffectsMarriage postponed or not at alloMens exclusion from mainstreamoBoth men and women feel not readyTypes of ExplanationStructural explanationoe.g. Wilsons deindustrialization theoryoConditions cause family behavior (response)Cultural explanationoTraditions and preferences cause behaviorE.g. Culture of PovertyoPoverty is a cycle reinforced by learned behavioroOriginally: COP seen as response, not cause...
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2-5-08 Deindustrialization -...

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