1-24-08 History of Marriage

1-24-08 History of Marriage - 1-24-2008Independence and...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-24-2008Independence and Union FormationChanges in mate selectionChanges in the nature of marriageUnderlying theme: IndependenceoFor whom? From whom?oIn context of other institutions: market, stateHistory of MarriagePeriods of Marriageo1. Pre-enlightenment, -1700Marriage based on economic and political functionsToo important to be based on loveRich: lineage, tiesPoor: land, laborIndustrialization/EnlightenmentFree choice as an idealoIndependence followed from wage labor, individualist ideologyConservative backlashoWomens independence threatened menoCompromise: Separate spheres imposed constraintsoMale protection and female purity, in complimentary rolesDuality, not equalityo2. Institutional, 1700-1940sMale authority, female submissionChoice of spouse, but not romantic loveStrong institutional support from church and stateCourtshipSupervised contactFirst in public, then at her homeFamily considerations predominatedCourtships DeclineExposure to urban lifeoMore choices and diversity, less supervisionMobilityoYoung adults had disposable incomeoEventually carsGrowing freedom from parental authorityWeakening importance of family lineageDating Replaced CourtshipParental authority out, (young) male authority inoHe paid with his wagesoTook her out, to a place he chose...
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1-24-08 History of Marriage - 1-24-2008Independence and...

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