1-15-08 What is a Family

1-15-08 What is a Family - WHAT IS A/THE FAMILY?•[A...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-15-2008WHAT IS A/THE FAMILY?•[A family] is a recognized social status that most people want to achieve; can be a contentious subject. •[The family] important for studying the topic; sociologists have no power to impose a definition on the public•Why does it matter?oSocialoEconomicoPolitical/legal•Social consequencesoAcceptance and rejectionoNorms and perceptions—collective ideas in societies•Economic consequencesoSharing resources—parents feeding their childrenoSupport/exploitation—doing work for somebody, helping to take care of somebody versus making someone work for you or somebody else within families. Ex: doing the dishes doesn’t require payment within a family, typically.•Political/legaloRightsE.g. propertyoSupportE.g. welfare, social securityoObligationsE.g. spouse debtsCHERLIN’S DEFINITIONS•Public FamilyoOne or more adults who are relatedby marriage, partnership, or shared parenthood who care for dependents, and the dependents themselves—usually living together.oAspects of families concerned with public welfare.•Private FamilyoTwo or more people in an intimate relationship that they expect will last indefinitely, who live in the same household and pool their income and household labor.oAspects of families concerned with intimacy, love, and support(emotional and economic)....
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1-15-08 What is a Family - WHAT IS A/THE FAMILY?•[A...

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