1-22-08 Why Get Married

1-22-08 Why Get Married - Why would you want to get...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-22-2008Why would you want to get married?•Strengthen commitment•Religion says so•Public declaration•Pretty white dressSociological Theories•Classical PerspectivesoStructural functionalismoConflict theoryoExchange theoryoSymbolic Interaction theory•Contemporary TheoriesoFeminismoModernity TheoryStructural Functionalism•Dominant perspective of mid-20thcentury (Emile Durkheim)•Asks: What are the functions of social structures?oAssumescurrent structure is functionaloTreats status quoas good, change as bad•Stability and cooperation in bread-winner/home-maker familyoFunctions of each partneroHusband as instrumental (economic world, interrelations between the organization and the home), wife as expressive(psychological support, building morale, nurturing and caring)Conflict Theory•Focus on change, not stability (Karl Marx)oInequality and power struggles drive history•Family theoryoBenefits of “traditional” model to capitalists/employersoWomen’s housework allows lower pay for men...
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1-22-08 Why Get Married - Why would you want to get...

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