1-29-08 Flexibility and Body Composition

1-29-08 Flexibility and Body Composition -...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-29-08Flexibility and Body CompositionLeanest StateColorado Fattest StateMississippiWhere does NC rank in terms of the fattest states in the US?17thWhat percentage of adults in NC are obese or overweight?62.6% What percentage of children in NC get the minimum amount of physical activity?54%What is Flexibility?Defined as the range of motion possible about a given joint or series of jointsSpecific to a given joint or movementWhen limited, extremity motion may be negatively impactedShould I Really be Worried about my Flexibility?Increased flexibility may assist with balance, performance, and reaction timeThere is debate over whether stretching helps to prevent injuryoMany believe it is critical with regard to injury preventionoShould be performed after warm-upWhat structures in the body can limit flexibility?BoneFatSkinScar TissueMuscles and tendonsLigamentsActive and Passive Range of MotionActive range of motion (AROM)oMotion of a joint generated by a muscle contractionoNot always an indicator of joint stiffness or loosenessPassive range of motion (PROM)oPortion of total range of motion through which a joint can be moved passively, without active muscle contractionoMovement beyond AROMAgonist vs. Antagonist MusclesAgonist muscleoThe muscle that contracts and generates the desired joint motioni.e. quadriceps when generating knee extensionAntagonist muscleoMuscle that stretches in response to agonist muscle contractioni.e. hamstrings stretch as quadriceps contract to extend kneeCoordination between agonists and antagonists is critical for coordinated, smooth joint...
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1-29-08 Flexibility and Body Composition -...

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