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3-18-08 Gender Equity at Work

3-18-08 Gender Equity at Work - Today Some current...

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3-18-2008 Today Some current gender/work problems o Employer discrimination o Care work and the care penalty o Stalled revolution in the housework Opt-out revolution o Or, “End of the gender revolution?” o Ideas for breaking the impasse Gender Equity at Work Equal Pay Act, 1963 o Can’t pay workers in ‘equal’ jobs unequally o Hard to prove when job titles differ Civil Rights Act, Title VII, 1964 o Can’t discriminate purposefully in employment against women or minorities o Hard to prove (e.g. hiring ‘pool’ comparisons) Wal-Mart and the Glass Ceiling Investigating and Proving Gender Discrimination http://www.walmartclass.com/ Wal-Mart Basics Founded by Sam Walton Headquarters in Bentonville, AR Largest retailer in the world Largest private employer in the U.S. $244.6 billion in sales; $6 billion profit in 2003
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6,000 stores worldwide Lawsuit claims o Subjective system of hiring, promotion, and compensation, negatively affecting women o
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