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Geology Lab 101 Final

Geology Lab 101 Final - Chapter 9 Topographic Maps I Key...

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Chapter 9: Topographic Maps I. Key Terms: 1) Relief – Difference in elevation 2) Contour Lines – Represent elevations of hills and valleys 3) Quadrangle – Section of Earth’s surface that is bounded by lines of latitude at the top and bottom and by lines of longitude on the left and right a) 15 minute quadrangle measures 15 minutes of latitude by 15 minutes of longitude b) 7.5 minute quadrangle measures 7.5 minutes of latitude by 7.5 minutes of longitude 4) Index Contour – heavy brown contour lines that have elevations on them 5) Contour Interval – The height difference between each contour line. 6) Depression Contours – concentric circles represent a hill and concentric circles with dash marks represent a depression in the direction of the dash marks 7) GPS – A constellation of 28 navigational communication satellites in 12 hour orbits approximately 12,000 miles above Earth. II. Scale and how a ratio scale is different than a graphic scale. 1) Ratio scale – One unit represents 30 of 40 of that unit on the map. 2) Graphic scale – Printed in the lower margin on maps, essentially rulers. III. Interpret a topographic map and construct a cross sectional transect from a topographic map. 1) Page 189 IV. Pick out a quadrant of a section in a township and range 1) Page 179 V. Draw contour lines onto a map. 1) Figure 9.15 and 9.16
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Chapter 8: Dating of Rocks, Fossils, and Geologic Events I. Key Terms: 1) Unconformities – Represent gaps in the geologic record that formed wherever layers were not deposited for a time or else layers were removed by erosion. a) Disconformity – Unconformity between parallel strata or lava flows. b) Angular Unconformity – An unconformity between two sets of
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Geology Lab 101 Final - Chapter 9 Topographic Maps I Key...

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