chem notes ch.2

chem notes ch.2 - Protons were studied using Canal Rays...

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Goggles first two weeks of chem. Lab bring five dollars on Monday to receive my goggles… On Mon 8 Wed 6 Sund 3 Blocker 137 dedicated study times Have problems to work and other things. Chem Notes Ch. 2 Atoms and Elements Symbolic level is how we deal with symbols of chemistry. Atomic structure: A nucleus existing of protons and neutrons surrounded by an electron cloud. Proton is positively charged. Neutron is neutral. Electron is negatively charged. The nucleus is used to identify the element. The electrons is where all the chemical changes will take place. JJ Thompson 1.758803x10^11 C/kg Discovered first subatomic particle Nobel prize in physics 1906 e/m=1.758803x10^11 C/kg of electrons found this charger per mass charge through studying cathode ray tubes. Robert Millikan Det charge of electron Also det mass. Q=-1.602176x10^-19C (modern value) M=9.109383x10^-28 g or 9.109383x10^-31kg (modern) Made the Oil Atamizor Apparatus
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Unformatted text preview: Protons were studied using Canal Rays. Rutherford took alpha particles and found oxygen 15 plus a proton. Ernest Rutherford:’ Discovered the nucleus. “It was about as credible as if you had fired a fifteen inch artillery shell at a piece of paper and it came back and hit you.” Told him that a positive charge was concentrated towards a center. The gold foil experiment proved that there was a concentrated nucleus. James Chadwick: Discovered Nuetron. No charge 1.674927x10^-24g AMU is the Atomic Mass Unit 1AMU=1/12 mass of a carbon 12 atom. All atomic weights are related to the carbon 12 atom. #protons in an atom is called the atomic number or Z number Z = element #np= isotopes Sum of #n+#p=A# (mass#) Only few instances where we will worry about isotopes. Isotopes are all the same element just diff # of neutrons. Isotopes have different physical properties....
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chem notes ch.2 - Protons were studied using Canal Rays...

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