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Exp1labrep - Serial Dilution Nitrate Color Change...

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Experiment 2 Bevo is Dead Cody Caldwell, Olivia Fouse, Rafael Ruiz Chem111-455 This experiments purpose was to figure out what dilution of ammonium cation killed bevo. We knew that nitrate anion forms ammonium cation when cattle digest it. We were to find which unknown killed bevo based on our serial dilution diphenylamine test color change and nitrate test strip color change. The materials that were used were diphenylamine drops, water, potassium nitrate, 10mL volumetric flask, test tubes, and the analytical balance. We used the analytical balance to weigh out the correct mass of potassium nitrate. We put the potassium nitrate in the volumetric flask the performed serial dilutions until we had diluted to 1ppm, and .5ppm.
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Unformatted text preview: Serial Dilution Nitrate Color Change Concentration Nitrate in ppm Color Change? 10000ppm Yes Dark Green 5000 Yes Lighter Green 1000 not visible 500 not visible 100 not visible 50 not visible 10 not visible 5 not visible 1 not visible 0.5 not visible Nitrate Test Strip Color Change Nitrate Test Strip in ppm Color Change? 100 00ppm Violet 5000 Magenta 1000 medium pink 500 lighter pink 100 pale but still dark pink 50 Peach 10 light peach 5 pink stained white 1 barely still pink 0.5 barely color change To conclude we have decided that weeds or Tank 1 killed bevo on the basis that weeds with 400 ppm and Tank1 with 500ppm were too close to call and could both have given him a toxic level of ammonium cation....
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