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HIST 105Discussion week 8 - and the assignments you hand in...

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HIST105 Discussion objectives for Week #9 (Oct. 22 nd -28 th ). Reading assignments from this week: American Revolution Human Tradition , “Benjamin Gilbert and Jacob Nagel” Biographies of Molly Brant, Henry Crueger and Thomas Peters (on e-reserve) Skemp, Benjamin and William Franklin , pp. 70-152 and documents 6-8 Instructions: As you read the assignment, answer each of these questions in your own words. This will aid your participation in the class discussion. Your answers are due at the time of class discussion, and you will receive ten points for completing them. They will not be closely graded; it is more of an issue of completing the assignment. However, do not submit others’ answers as your own work, as that is considered cheating. You may either handwrite or type your answers; include the questions above each of your answers. Be sure to keep a separate copy for your notes, as it will be helpful as you prepare for the exam,
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Unformatted text preview: and the assignments you hand in will not be returned. 1. Why did William Franklin remain loyal to the King, whereas his father, who spent far more time in Britain, became a rebel? 2. To what extent did William and Benjamin Franklin make-up after the war? 3. What English town did Henry Crueger represent? Should we classify him as a loyalist? 4. What people did Thomas Peters lead and what colony did they help create after the war? 5. What did Molly Brant do during the American Revolution? 6. Canadian history celebrates Molly Brant as a hero (she even appears on a postage stamp). Why do you suppose this is? 7. Which sides did Gilbert and Nagel support, and how did they die? 8. So who should we consider as traitors: William Franklin, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Gilbert, Jacob Nagel, Molly Brant, Henry Crueger or Thomas Peters?...
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