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Greg Coolidge THAR 101 7/30/05 Hamlet By Shakespeare Hamlet is a play that I have analyzed and studied over and over again throughout high school. So I will say that it isn’t quite one of my favorite plays at all, but Shakespeare does an amazing job with this story of death and revenge and setting the theme of the mystery of death. Overall though, after reading Hamlet and watching the movie I would enjoy to just see a live production of it to finally see it live and compare to the movie and book. It starts out with two guards standing watch outside the castle late one evening when the ghost of King Hamlet shows up. One of young Hamlets friends Horatio was there as well when the ghost came to talk to them. King Hamlet told them the story of how Claudius murdered him to take the throne. Claudius then winds up marrying the widowed Queen Gertrude and the two then rule the thrown. Horatio then goes to get young Hamlet to speak to the ghost, and so when Hamlet shows up sure enough the ghost tells him what happens and Hamlet declares that the ghost is actually his father. The ghost then orders young Hamlet to seek revenge on the one who murdered his father and set the throne right. Hamlet becomes so set on getting revenge for his father that he becomes a bit of
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Hamlet - Greg Coolidge THAR 101 Hamlet By Shakespeare...

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