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Greg Coolidge 7/23/05 THAR 101 A Spiders Web The production of Agatha Christie’s play A Spiders Web was a lot more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be. I didn’t realize before Friday that It was a murder mystery. I was expecting the play to be boring because I didn’t think that it would really catch the audiences attention but it was very funny and definitely caught my attention. Like I said The Spiders Web is a murder mystery and it takes place in an older country house in Europe somewhere. It starts out with Hugo and Mr. Delahaye taste- tasting wine in the living room and then makes entrance, Clarissa, Mr. Browns second and current wife. This is where we get our first taste of what our characters are like. Clarissa winds up letting them know that the different wines that they were testing were actually from one wine bottle. The way this was presented informed the audience that Clarissa is a joking exaggerate woman. We then meet the rest of the main cast. Pippa is the step-daughter of Clarissa and the daughter of Mr. Brown and she comes in and starts making a mess while eating. She shows Jeremy Warrender a new book she got with a bunch of “recipes” which foreshadows the death of Oliver. Later we find out that the
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A spiders web - Greg Coolidge THAR 101 A Spiders Web The...

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