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FIT9134 Revision Outline File Management (everything is a file in the UNIX environment) location info of the file ("$ls -inode" prints the index number of each file) permission linked to the file: Read (R), Write (W), Execute (X), Group Sharing Permission Commands: cp, del, touch Process Management programs to process files processes are run by their owners Shell is the first program run: when the shell is changed, most of the processes are gone consider parents leaving the house will bring their children with multi-tasking and multi-users can one user's program interfere another's? depending on the privilege can they talk to each other? yes consider super user privilege (especially when changing OS processes) queue - who has priority? by user privilege? by time slots? Robin Techniques? First Come First Serve (FCFS)? advantage and disadvantage of FCFS? how the program / process read the file? it requests file location info from OS; the file needs to be read into memory first; Memory Management
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