Garshin -Four Days- critical review

Garshin -Four Days- critical review - Danai Macridi...

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Unformatted text preview: Danai Macridi 01/22/2008 RUS 92-Representing War “Four Days”, Vsevolod Garshin The short story titled “Four Days” by Vsevolod Garshin constitutes an internal monologue of a Russian soldier who is wounded on the battlefield and left behind for almost four days until discovered by a search party cleaning out the site. Garshin’s prose is quite direct, occasionally assuming a nearly conversational tone, almost as if he is narrating a story to a friend rather than composing a text. Although he starts out with a retrospective account, using the past tense to describe the scene of his wounding, in the second paragraph he switches to the present tense, as though reliving the events and so renders his tone much more direct. Throughout the first part of the narrative certain phrases, or rather thoughts that the narrator is having, are recurring, such as mentions to the sky and its color, designating the hour of day every time, or the phrase “Who cares” which possibly suggests some resignation on his part,...
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Garshin -Four Days- critical review - Danai Macridi...

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