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Paper#1-Threat and War

Paper#1-Threat and War - Danai Macridi RUS 92-Representing...

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Danai Macridi 02/26/2008 RUS 92-Representing War Paper 1 “Nothing threatens the romance of war more effectively than war itself” People are said to be intricate . They have feelings, thoughts course through their minds, ideas, dreams, hopes, speculations, prayers…a parallel universe, immaterial and yet so painfully real, so unavoidably close to them, to the concreteness of their physical environment . A universe that shapes perspectives, directs actions, spawns decisions . Interesting how we are, ultimately, a mix of tangible and evanescent, invisible how that invisible holds us under its grip with an infallible precision no material shackle can achieve . How people become prisoners of their own selves, of the small nuances with which they dress everyday events when they interpret and evaluate them and then, accordingly, draw conclusions . All a fragile chain of events, of small incidences worthy of oblivion, thwarted attempts and applauded successes, all of which contribute in their own imperceptible way to each individual’s personality and outlook on the world . Maybe we are, or become, to a great extent, our experiences . However, as members of a structured and rationalist society we are also expected to conform to certain rules and norms that allow us to coexist . We are also exposed to elements of what anthropologists call a “history rhetoric”, a tradition and story of 1
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Danai Macridi 02/26/2008 RUS 92-Representing War Paper 1 the past of our society which serves as an example, as a symbol of our basic collective values . Each society is deeply infused by these values as part of the identity of its people . In the international community, when societies get involved in conflict, such norms and values serve as guidelines in dealing with that conflict and sparking the support of the people who share them . Again, from an anthropological perspective, conflict and war is something that can be culturally taught and enforced, in the same way as violence is often culturally cultivated in individuals as people’s behavior often stems from the available examples of the behavior of others . If one witnesses violence within their societal context and is taught that it is an acceptable means of dealing with situations, he will adopt violence as a mode of reaction thus creating a vicious cycle that perpetuates violence as it involves people responding to violence with more violence! Hence in many cases “People learn warlike behavior from parents,
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Paper#1-Threat and War - Danai Macridi RUS 92-Representing...

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