Week 4 Music in Accra, Ghana

Week 4 Music in Accra, Ghana - Music and Setting Music in...

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Unformatted text preview: Music and Setting Music in Accra, Ghana Terms for week 4 Aarati Adowa Agbadza Atumpan Bhajan Callandresponse Fontomfrom Ghazal Highlife Homowo Interlocking parts Polyrhythm Polyphonic Syncopation Sitar Tabla Tala Tanpura Timeline Main Points of Settings: The Study of Local Musics (p. 49) Every city, town and village has its own distinctive musical profile We can map the city's soundscapes by asking what makes up musical life, where is music performed, when is music heard, who makes music, and why Soundscapes existing side by side often interact Soundscapes in different locales may share sounds, settings and significances Ghana 1. 2. 3. Ethnic groups (p. 54) Akan (Kumasi region) Ewe (Volta region, southeast) Ga (Accra) Global links Accra (capital) Independence, 1957 Ewe drumming Pulse Bell Claps Kaga n Kidi Sogo ka Ga 1 Go X Ge ta de ka ta GI 2 3 Tin X Ge KI de DI ka 4 5 Tin 6 Tin X Ge ta de ka ta GI 7 8 Tin 9 10 Tin X Ge KI de DI 11 12 Tin Ga da Music and dance of the Akan Atumpan drums Significance of the atumpan drums Fontomfrom (court ensemble) Fontomfrom instrumentation Fontomfrom dance VIDEO: Fontomfrom (Akan court dance) (VC 378, 216) Adowa Significance of adowa Adowa ensemble Adowa dance VIDEO: Adowa (funeral dance and drumming) (VC378, 217) Music and dance of the Ewe Funeral associations Monthly meetings Agbadza Instrumentation Text Texture of Agbadza Form of Agbadza VIDEO: slow version of Agbadza (VC378, 219) Listening Guide 19 (CD 1/19, p. 57) Music and dance of the Ga Homowo ("Mocking Hunger"): 7day festival Great Durbar: musical celebration Gome (recreational dance) Artisans Dance Instruments VIDEO: Gome performance (VC378, 221) ...
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