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ID Exam Topics (For PS 61 Mufti)

ID Exam Topics (For PS 61 Mufti) - Balancing Bandwagoning...

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For each ID : - Which reading, period of time - All details that you can remember - Which level/image of IR (if it applies)? - Does it relate to more general idea in the course? Week One Thucydides Ibn Khaldun: “Lessons in moral and behavior” Week Two Pericles Pericles’ Funeral oration Nicias Alcibiades Celon Dioditus Pauseneus Themistocles Peloppenesian War Week Three Three Images of IR - Human Nature - Domestic Politics - International system Balance of power Waltz Kissinger Realpolitik Doyle Amoralism Mytilenean Debates (niceas vs. Dioclatus) Liberalism Freud Marxism Constructivism Week Four Neorealism Freidrich (Federalism) Deutsch (Cybernetics) Haas (functionalism) Principle of Self Help
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Unformatted text preview: Balancing Bandwagoning Gilpin Complex Interdependence Keohane Nye Realism Nationalism Spillover Issue Areas Feedback Hegemony Week Five Pre absolutism Absolutism Mercantilism Prussia Treaty of Westphalia Napoleonic Wars Congress of Vienna Otto von Bismarck Pax Britannica Laissez Faire Physiocrats Friedrich List Adam Smith Week 6 British liberal hegemony German mercantilist ideology Hamilton Seward Monroe Doctrine Bismarckian modernation New Course Tirpitz Entente Cordial Panther’s Spring Balkan Crises Week Seven Schliffen Plan Treaty of Versailles League of nations Fascism Rhineland Crisis Anschulss...
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