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[IR 101 textbook] America the Vulnerable Filtering bad from good – Stephen E. Flynn What happens if the mass destruction is found in U.S territory through international transportation networks? 1) Damage caused by the adversary 2) Damage caused by the adversary and the costs associated with a self-applied tourniquet to our global transport lifelines. Security for transportation networks is important – to sustain the continued viability of international commerce. For this security, the United States and its allies should capitalize the enormous leverage If the port authorities and governments responsible for important ports could agree to common standards for security, reporting, and information-sharing for operators, conveyances, and cargo, those stands would become universal. Container should load in an approved, security-sanitized facility. Use of cargo and vehicle scanners.
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Unformatted text preview: • A microcomputer connected to a transponder and global positioning system (GPS) to the motor control system – so that it can trace the truck’s route • Transponder – it has the ability to monitor and control each vehicle’s movements. • A light or temperature sensor – alarm if the container were opened illegally • Border-control agencies should be continued • The bilateral inspection zones could serve as a model • Many border-control agencies are still using 19 th century means for collecting and storing data. Rethinking homeland security • “war is not an independent phenomenon, but the continuation of politics by other means” • To the catastrophic terrorism, an appropriate response must react. It should translate into any tangible change in power or policies • Getting homeland security right is not about constructing barricades to fend off terrorists....
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