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TUFTS UNIVERSITY ELIOT-PEARSON DEPARTMENT OF CHILD DEVELOPMENT CD090 THE EXCEPTIONAL CHILD Dr. Janet Zeller SPRING 2007 OBSERVATION ASSIGNMENT For this assignment, you will write an analytic paper based on your extensive observations of two wonderful children at TEDCC (&/or EPCS). Your paper will focus on a comparison of the two youngsters along the variables listed below. You will need to observe each child at least four times, so plan to begin this assignment as soon as possible. The Special Education Coordinators at TEDCC and EPCS will come to our class and present the children who can serve as “targets” for your observations. You will also receive all necessary classroom schedules and appointment procedures in class. OBSERVATION QUESTIONS/FOCI Choose all or some from among these: 1. What are the child’s strengths and areas of special need? 2. What is the evidence that the child is an integrated member of her/his classroom group?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. How does the setting adapt for this child? 4. In what ways does this child’s presence affect the entire classroom community? 5. What unique advantages/challenges does this child take from the mainstreaming experience? 6. Compare the two children you have chosen to observe (you can also compare the two settings) along some or all of the above dimensions. Include any other thoughts you have taken from this observation experience that you think are important to share as part of this paper. TIPS: Write down your questions, and contact teachers by phone during nap time (2-3pm); they are happy to help you. Open with a very brief description of the two children and their classroom(s). Your paper should represent a balance between specific observations and clear analysis. Generalizations should be supported by specific evidence. Due : Thursday, MAY 3, 2007 at Dr. Zeller’s TEDCC office...
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