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CD090: TASK FORCE ASSIGNMENT Dr. Janet Zeller PURPOSE : This assignment allows students (1) to identify a topic of great interest; (2) join other students who share this special interest; (3) investigate this topic in depth; and, (4) teach what they have learned to the rest of the class. LOGISTICS A. Entire class will meet together and generate a list of possible topics/interests. B. Each student will pick her/his interest group. 1. Interest groups will meet and decide on the exact topic to be studied. The title for the Task Force (TF) will be chosen and a brief description will be written and shared with the entire class. Students and instructors will offer feedback. 2. The TF will divide the responsibilities among participants. 3. TF groups will meet every class from 11:00-11:20 p.m. and at other times outside of class as needed (approx. once per week).
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Unformatted text preview: THE PRESENTATION 1. The TF presentation can take any of a variety of forms (poster presentation, lecture-type, panel discussion, etc.). The time limit is 45 minutes, which includes questions and discussion. Videos, role play, guest speakers, slides and other visual aids may be used. 2. Required handouts include: (a) an annotated bibliography of ten citations from 1995 to the present (in the case of classical books and articles, the citations may be older); and, (b) a Fact Sheet meant to aid the listeners during the presentation and later if they choose to pursue the TF topic. Other handouts can be included. All course participants will receive the bibliography, fact sheets and other handouts. THIS ASSIGNMENT IS MEANT TO BE EXTREMELY SATISFYING.NOT TO MENTION FUN!!!!!...
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