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Metahobby Guidelines 2008 - David Henry Feldman CD 51:...

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David Henry Feldman CD 51: Intellectual Development Spring 2008 METAHOBBY GUIDELINES What Should Be Included in Your Journal The main purpose of the project is to provide an analysis of changes in your skills, capabilities, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions over the ten weeks of the project. You are strongly encouraged to write down as much detail as you can about these changes. This may include a description of the changes, how the changes happened, and in which situation or context the changes happened. You are also strongly encouraged to write down your reflections and thoughts about these changes and your learning or developmental experiences, suggest your own theory about these changes, or give your explanation or interpretations on weekly basis. When you write down the changes, you should describe the social context in which the change occurred. It could be the interaction between instructor and you, or between you and peers or any exchanges you witness which affect your learning. Please keep your journal entries in an organized and clear format. For most journals, each entry should include: - Before : In this section include your expectations for the instructional session, your current performance level, and how you will improve your learning in the next class. - During : In this section include the social context of the session and a description of your learning or developmental experience. - After : In this section include description of the activities that occurred during the session, your learning, any changes that might have occurred; your description and interpretation of how the change occurred; a description of your understanding. - Later/Reflection : In this section include reflections on your previous learning experience and thoughts about your own theory or a theory you have learned that relates to the session, particularly in relation to what you read or learn about in class. For the before, during, after, and later/reflection sections, you must date your entries . An example of how you might lay out your Metahobby journal can be found in the Course Documents section of Blackboard under the document Metahobby Journal Example Format . Please note that this is just an example; you are free to set-up your journal how you wish as long as it includes the above sections. Together with your entries, it is important to keep track of your
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Metahobby Guidelines 2008 - David Henry Feldman CD 51:...

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