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Daniel Cope English 101 Derek Theiss 4 December, 2007 The growth of Internet users has been growing at a steep exponential rate since the early 90’s and has risen from 500,000 users to over 700 million users today worldwide. As the number of users has grown to such a proliferated number, there has been much debate as to whether some users have developed suspicious paradigms towards Internet use or otherwise known as Internet addiction. Internet addiction is becoming the biggest threat to college campuses around the globe as many students find it easier to chat online or surf the web than accomplish their homework. Is there really an addiction towards the Internet or are these students merely victims of having symptoms of other already existing disorders such as depression and loneliness? Internet Addiction is generally characterized by seven criteria, among them being increased tolerance to remaining online for long hours, withdrawal, missing sleep, and unsuccessful efforts to control Internet use. College students are most susceptible to get hooked on the world-wide-web for hours on end, sometimes from late night to the wee hours of the morning. A study conducted with college students showed that students who appear to be dependent upon Internet use show signs of personal problems, withdrawal symptoms, and mood altering use (Morahan-Martin & Schumaker, 1997). Another study with a group of college students showed that pathological users of the Internet averaged 8.5 hours of Internet usage per week. Students with limited symptoms averages about 3.2 hours per week and students who showed nearly no symptoms averaged about 2.4 hours per week (Morahan-Martin & Schumaker,
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[Type text] 1997). There have been cases reported of college students failing courses because they spent too much of their time on the computer and could not take the time off to attend their classes. Despite all of the problems characterized by Internet addiction, denial runs deep in the college environment because of the number of computer labs that are on campus. These labs provide a lot more cover than any crowded bar provides shelter for a hard drinking alcoholic. This poses a major problem because it makes it hard to recognize any Internet addicts. Most likely no one will come and interrupt your eight hour long session on the Internet saying, “I think you might be addicted to the Internet”, because in college there could be a number of things that may take a long time to accomplish on the net such as research papers and homework. As the number of Internet addictions increase, college campuses are becoming the perfect
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Addiction - Daniel Cope English 101 Derek Theiss 4 December...

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