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germ3 test 4 outline - which ones do NOT throw the verb to...

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1) You will be given a list of preterite tense verbs to fill in the blanks of a story PREP: DNK Appendix C A-14/15 focusing on knowing how to identify the forms and meaning of the verbs 2) Prepositions: make sure you know when to use "nach" "in" "zu" "bei" PREP: DNK 162/3 und 186/7 3) Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition taking the accusative Here's the list: bis, gegen, ohne, um, fuer, durch 4) Richtig oder Falsch? You will be given 13 sentences, some right, some wrong. PREP: look over everything on conjunctions, e.g.
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Unformatted text preview: which ones do NOT throw the verb to the end of the sentence 5) 4 multiple choice questions on the content of the Rotkaeppchen listening comp PREP: Read through the Grimm Brothers' version on the handout 6) Translate into English, 4 German expressions taken from Rotkaeppchen 65 in the book PREP: Make sure you understand the text and its idiomatic expressions, i.e. the ones I wrote on the board 7-9) NO PREP necessary Comprehension and fairytale identification from pictures...
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