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Ayiti Game Extra Credit

Ayiti Game Extra Credit - some of the family members...

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Ayiti Game Extra Credit The key to playing this game is balance. In order for the family to survive, it is important to have a balance of good health, schooling, community service, hard labor, and rest. While in class, most of the time we tried to ignore the family members when they got sick, the smartest thing to do is to treat the illness right away. Also, every season, it is important to take advantage of education opportunities. If there is schooling available, and the family is financially stable, someone should always be sent to school. While volunteering doesn’t produce any immediate benefits to the family, by having
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Unformatted text preview: some of the family members volunteer, the whole family was better educated (because of the new learning facilities). By the end of the game, the family earned six certificates mainly because of this. Even though the working conditions in Haiti are obviously not very good, with a decent education, the conditions improve. Working as a mechanic for example doesn’t harm a family member as much as working in the rum distillery. After playing this game, the constant struggle that impoverished countries go through is made obvious....
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