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Katie Krampitz RPTS 209-501 02/14/2008 # 13: Guide to Austin’s Colony Park 1. As you drive in, note the size of the parking lot—how many cars will it accommodate? It will accommodate approximately twenty-one cars. 2. Is there additional parking available? Where? There are additional parking areas around the school that can be used during peak times and space is also available on the sides of the road for parking. 3. Is there convenient wheelchair access from the parking lot to the park? Yes, it is right next to the one handicap spot in the parking lot. 4. Is the sidewalk smooth (free of irregular breaks and bumps)? Yes, for the most part with a little wear. 5. Do the park walkways meet the ADA slope requirements for wheelchair access? The approximate height measure did not max 30 inches in ramp height which matches ADA requirements 4.8.2 slope and rise, so yes. 6. Is there a light to illuminate the parking lot? Somewhat, there is only one light between the playground and parking lot. 7. Examine the base of the first light post you find. Describe how the light post is set? The light pose is set in about 3.5 feet high cylinder cement mix. 8. Has this light post been designed for ease of maintenance? If so, what are two design elements (attachment, placement) which will enhance efficient maintenance? Yes, there is a covered inset that looks it can be unscrewed for easy maintenance on the electrical wiring; this would be an example of the attachment for the piece of metal that covers the inset. Also, it is strategically placed for easy access closer to the bottom. 9. Examine the first piece of play apparatus on the right. Describe its general appearance and name the manufacturer of the item. The brand is Little Tikes and is designed for commercial use play system. It is well kept with no graffiti. It is mostly made out of steel and plastic for the sidings and the slides and tunnels. 10. What is the material on the surface of the ground surrounding the play equipment? It is a rubber substance used for cushioning on top of gravel or mulch. 11. Describe its composition and its characteristics. It has a little bit of wear on the outer parts and a few parts in the area have been torn away. It is poor condition. 12. What is the overall condition of the play equipment? It is in fairly good condition with some rust spots around creases and bolts.
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AustinColony1 - Katie Krampitz RPTS 209-501 13 Guide to...

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