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Strategy Poikiliotherms o Low metabolic rate o High thermal conductance (poorly insulated) Advantages: 1. Conserves energy- don’t have to eat as much Example: Bushmaster Snake: sits at months at a time, eats large items. 2. Conserves water Homeotherms: o High metabolic rate o Low thermal conductance Advantages: 1. Remain active and perform well at a range of temperatures 2. Can perform longer without exhaustion Newton’s Law of Cooling : heat will be lost faster when temperature difference between two bodies is greater.
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Unformatted text preview: Heat is lost- body surface area to volume ratio is greater Small organisms v. big organisms Small organisms (endotherms): have a bigger challenge, especially in cold environments. Big organisms- have a bigger challenge, especially in warm environments. • Shrew: smallest mammal-have to eat all the time • Hummingbird: smallest bird-“torpev ”: temporary reduction in metabolic rate to conserve energy....
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