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wbctungprasg - release 4 You are the contact person(you are...

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Media Writing TVR13100 UNGRADED PRESS RELEASE EXERCISE 1. You are the public relations specialist for the Ithaca Board of Education. You want to educate parents of young school children about video games. Many of the parents are not knowledgeable about technology in general and video games specifically. With this thought in mind, your goal is to write a press release that the media (television, radio, newspapers) in the Ithaca/Syracuse area would convert into a news story. 2. Read the Video Game Safety document (Course Documents: Video games). 3. Determine what information in the document you want to use in your press
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Unformatted text preview: release. 4. You are the contact person (you are the public relations spet for the Ithaca Board of Education). Use you own contact information (i.e. cell phone number, e-mail address, etc.) 5. Write a 400-word press release (use Word Count) using the format template on webct (Course Documents). 6. I will circulate around the room and monitor your progress/make suggestions concerning your work. 7. Print out (PCs) or save your work on your laptop (Macs) and use it to assist yourself when completing the graded press release assignment to be completed later....
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