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PSY32 - Lecture 2

PSY32 - Lecture 2 - Today's Tasks Admin Please turn in your...

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Today’s Tasks *Admin: *Please turn in your Acknowledgement of Receipt of Syllabus * Companion website (link posted on Blackboard under Readings): Click here *Labs start next week. Don’t miss lab. *The Scientific Method *APA Format: Introduction and References SCIENCE Riddle me that…Scientific thinking *Important to view a problem from more than one perspective. *Prior assumptions are potentially dangerous. *Persistence is key. *Yes/no questions, properly formed, are very valuable. Science *A way of knowing whose overarching goal is to understand a phenomenon (e.g., emotion) * Description *It is estimated that 34% of spontaneous facial expressions communicate negative emotion (Rozin & Cohen, 2003). * Explanation *A blocked goal causes one to experience negative emotion (like frustration). * Prediction *If Sheryl’s goal were blocked, I anticipate that she will experience negative emotion. * Control *Experimental manipulation of goal achievement should produce negative emotion
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Science of Psychology
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