PSY32 - Lecture 3

PSY32 - Lecture 3 - Today's Tasks Admin Labs start this...

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Today’s Tasks *Admin *Labs start this week *Paper 1 Lit Search and IRB Training will be assigned *Ethics I *APA Format *Introduction *Citing your sources: In-text citations and references Last Time: Science *Goal of science: Understanding *Description *Explanation *Prediction *Control *Making the unobservable observable *Ways of knowing Four Canons of Science *Determinism *Empiricism *Parsimony *Testability *Determinism *All events have meaningful, systematic causes *This assumption allows to come up with theories that explain “why” * Theory : a statement about the causal relation between two or more variables *Theories identify hypothetical constructs that tells us something about how the world works *Summarizes and integrates data from different sources *Guides subsequent studies *Empiricism *The best way to figure out the orderly principles in nature is to make observations *“I got it straight from the horse’s mouth” *“the proof of the pudding is in the eating” *Or, more coarsely, “put up or shut up” *Parsimony *When deciding between two competing theories, we should prefer the simpler one *mechanical analogy: the best machine is the one that has the smallest number of moving parts * Example: explain this cat's behavior
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*Testability *Good theories can be confirmed or disconfirmed *Very tied to empiricism
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PSY32 - Lecture 3 - Today's Tasks Admin Labs start this...

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