PSY32 - Lecture 4

PSY32 - Lecture 4 - Admin Nothing. Ethics II Last Time...

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Admin *Nothing… *Ethics II Last Time *Ethics as a set of principles that guide right conduct *Moral Principles *Respect for persons and their autonomy *Beneficence and nonmaleficence *Justice *Trust *Fidelity and scientific integrity This Time *Returning to Ethics *Human *Animal APA Ethical Standards for Research (Top 5) *Informed consent *Freedom from coercion *Protection from physical and psychological harm *The risk-benefit rule *the benefits must always exceed the costs *Debriefing *reasons for any deception *leave in as positive a state as started *learning experience Who upholds these ethical standards? * *Institutional review board (IRB) *committee of individuals who review research protocols to ensure the ethical appropriateness of the planned research *protocol includes: *a careful but nontechnical summary of the goals of the research *a detailed description of the procedures to be followed *consent form Informed Consent Form *APA Standard 3.11 *Purpose of the research, duration, procedures *Right to decline to participate and withdraw
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*Consequences of declining/withdrawing *Potential risks, discomfort, adverse effects *Potential benefits *Limits of confidentiality *Incentives for participation *Contact information Ethics of Animal Research *Thorndike – early 1900s *studied cats and dogs ability to repeatedly escape from “puzzle-boxes”…developed law of effect , which basically stated that states of satisfaction and discomfort strengthen and weaken, respectively, S-R associations *Contributions of animal research to psychology? *Local examples…
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PSY32 - Lecture 4 - Admin Nothing. Ethics II Last Time...

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